PSLTV1 TV Backlight HDTV-16 Color LED Strip Lights 6.6ft

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PERLESMITH LED TV backlight with IP65 waterproof material that can protect your LEDs from water and extend the lifespan of the light strip.
It compact with 24Keys IR remote, the super signal can easily pass through the wall. With a control distance of up to 32. 8 feet. More sensitive than the infrared remote control.
And it with a lot of different and amazing colors, the dynamic modes give you more choices according to your own preference.


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Simply peel off the super sticky adhesive backing tape on the lights strip and press it onto the back of the TV. Install the lights installed in less 5 mins.

Note: Please connect the LED connector with the LED light strip positively (face the tag side along with LED light, otherwise it won’t work).
When the lamp color is one of 16 colors, the DIM+/DIM-  key is brightness adjustment. When the lights in four modes, the DIM+/DIM- key is speed adjustment.
When the electric current reaches 0.3A–0.5A, the controller can work normally, but when it is lower than 0.3A, the controller cannot work. So when this LED strip light doesn’t work, please try to connect the strip light to a fully charged Power bank or USB computer jack to check whether it works.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love These

Awesome lights and quality product. I was skeptical based on the price but I am so impressed. Want to buy another set for the other tv at home.

Useless. Save your money

3M adhesive so easy application and beautiful lighting!! Great buy.

Uses friction to hold up shelf

The light strip worked great. Used for our game room and the kids love the multiple colors. Installed no problem. The strip has a strong smell though, like super glue.

Using Sonos Play:1

I have used LED light kits on cars and motorbikes before so I’ve seen good products and not so good. I wasn't expecting much with the price being on the low end, however, I was VERY impressed. Thicker weather proof strips, connectors that fit and not loose and 3M tape (this is important) all add up to a nice package that is easier to work with and install. Don’t need to get the more expensive kits. You will be more than happy with this one.