PSSPM2 Adjustable Speaker Mounts - 1 Pair

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PERLESMITH universal wall bracket speaker mount is designed for mounting home theater satellite speakers on walls. It has a complete 2.1 channel surround sound and holds up to 8lbs. These mounts are designed for one hole, two holes, and keyhole speakers which cover most on the market. The speaker wall mounts are compatible with concrete and wood stud walls. We provide the necessary mounting hardware. 

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- Each bracket can support a speaker weighing up to about 8 lbs (3.6kg).
- The speaker wall mounts can be used indoors or outdoors for small speakers up to 8 pounds.
- Multiple pivot points with 360-degree rotation and 180-degree tilt for perfect directional aiming.
- Ideal for mounting home theater satellite speakers on walls or ceilings.
- Made of durable, weather resistant, injection molded fiber resin reinforced polymer.
- 4 mounting types: designed to fit all home theater satellite speakers
- Single screw mounting / Keyhole mounting/ 2-Hole mounting/ 4-Hole Mounting

Model: PSSPM2
Product Category: Clamping Speaker
Material: Steel
Dimensions (in): 6.7*4*2.2 inches
Weight Capacity (per stand): 9 lbs
Installation: Freestanding
Cable Management: Yes
Accessory Kit Package:
Instruction Manual Included: Yes


  • 2x speaker mounts / 2x speaker mounts
  • 1x standard mounting hardware
  • 1x user manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Good for the price

These are some generic speaker mounts they’re plastic but seem pretty durable they say they are rated for 8 pounds each (although the drywall anchors that come with it seem like you can install a hole tv with them) what I do like is that these are pretty small mounts so they disappear behind the speakers also like how they are adjustable to pretty much point in any direction. Now the reason for the 3 star review is because it says these are for keyhole backed speakers and yes you can install them to keyholes BUT not very securely or tight. I ended up just gluing the speaker mount end to the speaker.

Good for the price

Included screws and nuts were too large for my Samsung speakers. I had to get smaller at Home Depot and they had only # 6 as the smallest. Screw was ok, but nut was still not easy to fit. Make sure to get lock washers too and get # 4, it'll prob be ok. Otherwise, good mount for under 10$.

Good for the price

I'm using these for my rear surrounds, which are at the heavy end of the scale, but within the limits of the mount. Super easy to install, it comes with a big bag of different sized screws to mount to a variety of speakers. But once the speaker is mounted, it can only be adjusted in one angle, and it felt a bit flimsy when adjusting it downward.Price is right, and its easy to install, but I wish it was a bit sturdier.

Good for the price

Nice inexpensive mount for small surround speakers. Can be used with a variety of speaker mounting type from single screw, double screw, or keyhole. Angle of the mount can be manipulated to get your speaker pointing the exactly where you need. I used on bose double cube speakers and it works perfect.

Good instructions

Bought this for my old Bose Acoustimass speakers and they work very well. Instructions were to the point and easy to follow, an issue with some Chinese products (in fact, with some American products also such as John Deere.). I also liked the number of options with this product, and the nice price. Recommended.